Easy Virtual Doctor Appointments

  1. At no cost, set up your profile in three quick steps and schedule a time to see your doctor at your convenience. 
  2. Reduce travel risks of transporting to your doctor’s office, especially amidst growing social distancing needs and health concerns of COVID-19.
  3. Update your account seamlessly and enable customized notifications for your doctor’s visits – let us manage your appointments!
  4. Spend less time in crowded waiting rooms – see your doctor when you need it most at your convenience, from your comfort zone
  5. Take advantage of insurance coverage of telemedicine visits offering flexibility and ease of access.

 The VMV platform can be used by any patient wanting to get care from the physicians on the VMV platform. Just download the VMV app, sign up, select a provider, and get started. Patients can connect via their cell phones or iPads.

Most insurers, including Medicare, cover virtual visits with usual copays and deductibles. Your provider’s office will check with your plan for coverage, and it is highly encouraged for the patients to confirm coverage with their plans.

  1. Complete and send a request from the sign up page for patients from a desktop.
  2. Select the facility and provider.
  3. Log in using the credentials you have created. You can now log in and schedule appointments through your desktop or your VMV app on your smartphone and iPad.
  4. If you are a new patient, complete and sign all forms on the VMV smartphone app. Some offices may not want you to complete any forms. Check with the provider’s office for additional paperwork, if any. Upload any documents that the office needs. Most offices need your driver’s license and insurance card.a