For Providers

VMV is a revolutionary app that will deliver medical services wherever and whenever patients need them.
With VMV, physicians can improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction by providing access to on-demand Telehealth services. From psychiatry and primary care to dentistry and dermatology, we make telehealth care easy and accessible using free HIPAA compliant Telemedicine video and chat service.
As a physician, you can choose when and where you practice medicine. VMV gives you the power to work from the comfort of your home, between shifts in the office, or even while traveling.

No costs for the patients. The costs for each medical facility and provider are based on their contract with VMV.

Most insurers, including Medicare, cover virtual visits with usual copays and deductibles. 

To appropriately bill for synchronous Telehealth services, practitioners should submit the appropriate Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) or CPT code along with the Telemedicine Place of Service code 02. The Place of Service 02 indicates the location in which the services took place.

If located in Hawaii or Alaska, practitioners should use the appropriate CPT or HCPCS code for the professional service in addition to the GQ modifier. The GQ indicates that the service was provided “via an asynchronous telecommunications system.

  1. Complete and send a request from the medical office sign-up page on the VMV website. You can also call (713)-853-9462, or email admin@vmvapp.com. You will get contracts in the email to sign and email back. (Please use Google Chrome for the best experience)
  2. Log-in using the credentials you have created.
  3. Users: Fill out your profile as an administrator.
  4. Add new users: Providers, mid-levels, nurses, office staff, managers, or directors.
  5. Add doctor and staff.
  6. Click on appointments
  7. Click on office hours and select office hours.
  8. Click on add availability and add availability for each provider.
  9. Make an appointment by selecting the facility and provider (select filter)
  10. Click on the green available button on the selected day and type the patient name in the gray button at the top of the list if the patient is already in the system. (you cannot make a patient appointment unless the patient has an account on VMV.app *use the patient as a role, or the patient can sign up themselves at vmvapp.com as a patient).
  11. The VMV app can be downloaded on iPads or smartphones and can be used as a patient sign-in system from your waiting room, eliminating the need for a kiosk.
  12. Skilled facilities, in-patient, and rehab facilities will need their patients to have an email and password set up by the family or facility for use with the platform.
  13. Please see the “3 Easy Steps to Sign Up” section in the “ how to get started” tab below to instruct patients on how to easily use the VMV Telemedicine platform.

For Patients

The VMV platform can be used by any patient wanting to get care from the physicians on the VMV platform. Just download the VMV app, sign up, select a provider, and get started. Patients can connect via their cell phones or iPads.

Most insurers, including Medicare, cover virtual visits with usual copays and deductibles. Your provider’s office will check with your plan for coverage, and it is highly encouraged for the patients to confirm coverage with their plans.

  1. Complete and send a request from the sign-up page for patients from a desktop. Select the facility and provider that you want to choose.
  2.  Log in using the credentials you have created. You can now log in and schedule appointments through your desktop or your VMV App on your smartphone or iPad.

  3.  If you are a new patient, complete and sign all forms on the VMV smartphone app. Some offices may not want you to complete any forms. Check with the provider’s office for additional paperwork, if any. Upload any documents that the office needs. Most offices need your driver’s license and insurance card.